2021 European Cup updated odds: who will win?England is the new favorite of gambling


Probably Yes Back to England, at least according to sports betting.

England fans eager to see the national team win the European Championship for the first time ever will enjoy how sports betting hinders the 2021 European Cup title race. Five American bookmakers allowed England to win the game at odds of approximately 2-1.Their odds are Greater than 6 to 1 At the beginning of the round of 16, it ranked third, second only to France and Italy.

If England can surpass Ukraine in the quarter-finals in Rome on Saturday, the odds will continue to drop as they will play the semi-finals and possible finals at their home court at Wembley Stadium.

England has never reached the finals of the European Championships, losing in the semi-finals in 1968 and 1996. “Football Go Home” The fans were optimistic that hosting the game could help the Three Lions win the long-awaited European championship, which caused a sensation.

The quarter-final performance this year is impressive because it came after being eliminated four times in a row. The England team did not score as many goals as fans and critics had hoped (four goals in four games), but as long as no goals were conceded, a trivial output was enough.

Raheem Sterling has three of England’s four goals. He opened the scoring in the 16-round match against Germany. Harry Kane secured the victory 2-0 for the first time, which allowed England to win a major match against Germany for the first time since 1966. But at this time, British fans only care about ending the championship drought.

Euro 2021 updated odds

(As of June 29)

team Fan showdown King of Drafts William Hill BetMGM BetRivers
United Kingdom +170 +200 +210 +200 +200
Spain +300 +335 +300 +300 +335
Italy +430 +360 +400 +400 +360
Belgium +650 +700 +700 +700 +700
Denmark +1000 +950 +1000 +1000 +950
Czech Republic +2500 +2400 +2500 +2500 +2400
Switzerland +2500 +2400 +2000 +2500 +2400
Ukraine +2900 +3300 +3300 +3300 +3300


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