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it is Mustang Here for a week Automatic blog Thanks for finally being able to drive the most eagerly anticipated New car The past two years.If you haven’t read Byron Hurd’s Ford Mustang Recap, do it now, and then come back here to learn more about Bronco’s little brother.

This 2021 Ford Mustang Sport What you see here is the Outer Banks decoration, this version is more on the luxury side. This is not to say that it is luxurious in itself, but it does have stylish blue leather trim, many comfortable/convenient equipment, and is not as hardcore as the wasteland in the grade in terms of appearance or off-road equipment.

Although the general functional content and material quality Ford Escape, This Mustang Sports Truly distinguish it from company cousins ​​and other contracts cross There are many clever storage solutions everywhere.Basically, like Ford Intends to sell Bronco Sport as REI instead of Car dealership. Let’s take a look at what you get, keep in mind that some of them are not available on all trim levels.

All decorations except the base layer have obtained this unique seat back storage space. There is a zippered pocket large enough to hold an iPad and/or magazines.

2021 Ford Mustang Sport

With the MOLLE strap, you can clip anything you want, such as a metal cup or a flashlight. To be honest, I’m not sure how useful the placement of these locations is, but it is indeed a good idea.

There is a pocket on the side of the front passenger seat, which can be used to store mobile phones.

2021 Ford Mustang Sport

The wasteland has an additional storage box under the back seat. My foreign bank does not have this.

2021 Ford Mustang Sports Wasteland

These clips on both sides of the cargo area are another clever storage solution because they are more than just a simple hook. Unfortunately, plastics seem to be very brittle, and I want to know how long they will last.

Pay attention to the button in the middle…

The button turns on these two bright lights for camping sites. Now pay attention to the two big and thick handles. Ford thinks these things can be used to hang things, such as wet clothes or wetsuits after surfing.

Since we are back here, the entire cargo area, including the seat backs, is covered with a strong rubber material.

If you want to know how much is suitable to go back there, please check our Ford Bronco Sport luggage test.

2021 Ford Mustang Sport

In customer research, Ford found that outdoor explorers lament that their expensive mountain bikes are easily stolen when installed outdoors. Therefore, Ford spared no effort to design the Bronco Sport interior to accommodate the bicycle. The stepped safari roof is part of it. An accessory bike rack then seals the deal. Having a rubber floor is definitely helpful here, both in terms of wear and cleaning.

To enter the cargo area, you can pop out the hatch completely, or just pop out the glass. This was once the main product of SUVs, but the more stylish, sloping roof lines make them impossible.

This Easter egg explains how a separate pop-up glass can be useful.

Here is the roof rail. They are large, strong, and thick, and can be rack mounted easily. Flat rails, which are becoming more and more common, require special-sized frames to be clamped to the rails, which may mean that they can only be installed on a car.Elevated rails like this make it easier for you to move equipment between different vehicles-just like I’m looking at Yakima CBX with Big tour Cargo carrier Audi The whole way, BMW X5, Subaru Outback with Subaru Crosstrek.

Now let’s move to the small item storage first.

Top left: Outer Banks has wireless charging, there is a lot of extra space for extra things. There are also USB-A and USB-C ports, and a 12V socket.

Top right: The trash can under the Sync 3 touch screen can also hold a mobile phone or anything you may need on hand. The bottom is coated with rubber to help prevent anything from flying out.

The cup holder is big enough to hold my sizeable Yeti water bottle and hold it firmly in place. Like other Fords, there is also a small Red Bull-sized middle bracket.

Yeti is not suitable for backdoor bottle holders, and there is very little storage space inside. The front door is more useful. There is a cup holder on the folding center armrest of the rear seat.

2021 Ford Mustang Sport

Finally, there is a corkscrew inside the lifting door jam. Pretty.

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