2021 Top Ten Coaches Ranking: Who can catch up with Ryan Day of Ohio State University?


The top ten coaches are harder to rank than any other power 5 conference.

The coaching talent is there. The top seven and ten coaches are ranked among the top 25 in the SN 1-130 coaching ranking, the most among all conferences.

After leading the Buckeyes to two top ten championships in the first two seasons, Ohio State’s Ryan Day is the first choice. Where are you going from there? James Franklin of Pennsylvania State University and Jim Harper of the University of Michigan continue to chase Ohio State in the top ten East, while Tom Allen of Indiana is building a winning culture in an unlikely place.

Paul Chryst of Wisconsin and Kirk Ferentz of Iowa continue to achieve steady results among the top ten teams in the Western Conference, while Northwestern University’s Pat Fitzgerald maintains a winning culture in an unlikely place. This is a dynamic group. Bret Bielema, who won three top ten championships in Wisconsin, returned to Illinois.

The following is an in-depth understanding of our top ten coach rankings (overall records in parentheses):

2021 Top Ten Coaches Ranking

rank coach school width Rise PCT Overview
1 Ryan Day Ohio twenty three 2 .920 6
2 James Franklin Pennsylvania State University 84 43 .661 11
3 Pat Fitzgerald northwest 106 81 .567 12
4 Jim Harper Michigan 78 43 .645 15
5 Paul Christ the state of Wisconsin 75 38 .664 17
6 Kirk Ferenc Iowa 168 106 .613 20
7 Tom Allen Indiana twenty four twenty two .522 twenty one
8 PJ Fleck Minnesota 56 41 .577 27
9 Scott Frost Nebraska 31 27 .534 49
10 Jeff Brom Purdue 49 35 .583 58
11 Greg Shano Rutgers University 71 73 .493 61
12 Mel Tucker Michigan 7 12 .368 62
13 Mike Locksley Maryland 8 43 .157 63
14 Brett Bilma Illinois 97 58 .626 64

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— Except for Day, Fitzgerald got the most top 10 votes in our employee voting. In the past three seasons, Fitzgerald led the Wildcats to the Western Conference’s top ten championships, while Northwestern University won the last four bowl games. The expectations of the other top ten projects may be higher, but Fitzgerald won this position.

— Jim Harbaugh of the University of Michigan is always a polarizing pick. Everyone knows Ohio State’s record, but after losing to two schools last season, he has a 3-3 record against Pennsylvania State University and a 2-3 record against the University of Wisconsin. One can flip Harbaugh with Chryst, but you can also flip the divisions of two coaches and get the same close-to-call answer. Franklin, Harper and Crist have a 1-15 record against the Buckeyes. That is everyone’s problem.

— Minnesota’s PJ Fleck slipped out of the top 25 after 3-4 seasons, but the rebound potential of the Gophers is real. The Minnesota team returned to starting quarterback Tanner Morgan, but Flake has achieved a 15-19 record in the past four seasons of meetings.

——Don’t worry about Bilemma’s position at the bottom. We noticed the three top ten tournaments in Wisconsin, and now the challenge of rebuilding Illinois is imminent. Since Ron Zook’s last season in 2011, the Illini team has not had a winning season, and Bilma has not coached in college since 2017. year.


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