Amazon seeks to force FTC chairman Lina Khan to withdraw from investigation


Amazon is seeking enforcement Lina KhanThe new chairman of the US Federal Trade Commission, based on her previous work and criticism of the e-commerce giant, avoided any investigation involving the company.

In a petition filed with regulators on Wednesday, Amazon stated that Khan “has made up his mind” that the company poses a threat to competition. By declaring Amazon responsible for violations of antitrust laws, Amazon has largely established her “ Academic and professional career”. “.

A spokeswoman for the US Federal Trade Commission said the agency would not comment.

Sweat is appointment Earlier this month, Joe Biden assumed the chairmanship of the FTC after being confirmed as a commissioner, which underscored the government’s intention to take proactive actions against the dominance of large technology companies.

she was Become famous in one fell swoop Following the publication of her Yale Law Review paper in 2017, Amazon’s antitrust paradox targeted the company’s role as a logistics provider and competitor for sellers on

The document seen by the British “Financial Times” stated: “These statements convey a clear impression to any rational observer that she has already acted on many important facts related to Amazon’s antitrust liability and the ultimate issue of liability itself. A decision has been made.”.

During antitrust investigations of technology companies, Khan also served as legal counsel to the House Judiciary Committee.

At the Khan’s Senate confirmation hearing in April, Republican Senator Mike Lee from Utah raised issues of impartiality and big technology, on the grounds that the court decided in 1966 to cancel the FTC Chairman Paul Rand Dickson’s The case qualifies because he had previously worked with the House Subcommittee.

Khan responded: “Let me first say that I don’t have any financial conflicts or personal relationships that are the basis for avoidance under the federal ethics law.” “I will deal with these issues based on the basic facts.”

Democratic Congressman David Cicilline, chairman of the House Antitrust Subcommittee, said of Amazon’s evasive efforts on Wednesday: “When a company has such enormous economic and political power, this is the problem. . This is an arrogance that is hard to truly appreciate.”

Amazon said that Khan’s previous work will deprive the company of fair procedures in current and future investigations, and is expected to include an investigation of Amazon. The most recent $8.45 billion transaction Acquired film studio MGM.

The company said in a statement: “Amazon should be reviewed together with all large organizations. However, even large companies have the right to conduct impartial investigations.”

Attached to AmazonThe document submitted was a statement by Thomas Morgan, an antitrust professor at George Washington University. He wrote: “Chairman Khan announced that she will evade all cases against Amazon. These cases take into account the factual issues that she claims to have determined. In her academic Articles, her publicity publications or [House] Most staff report”.

“If she does not voluntarily avoid it, it seems to me that it is appropriate for her other commissioners to instruct her to do so,” he said.

However, other antitrust experts said that Amazon’s efforts may not be successful.

“It’s worth a try, but it doesn’t seem likely to happen,” said Chris Sagers, a law professor at Cleveland-Marshall Law School.

Former FTC chairman William Kovacic stated that the government and agency ethics committees will “extensively review these issues when Khan is nominated.”

Additional report by Kiran Stacey in Washington

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