Art students explore what Lincoln will look like in 2040


Lincoln An unusual challenge for the students of the Art Center School of Design. It asks them to outline their thoughts on the appearance of the car in 2040, and instructs them to work with students in other fields (including film and illustration) to produce a short film describing their concept, environment, and the people driving it. . In more than a year, the final submission has been submitted to the public.

“Not only the vehicle itself, we are looking for great narrative development, rich storytelling. It is very important to understand the future ecosystem, one of Concept cars Will live,” Lincoln’s global strategic design expert Jordan Meadows explained in a statement.

Four student teams participated in this project, which Lincoln called Quiet Flight 2040. The students were given a set of basic guidelines that helped them create what the Ford company calls the “ultimately beautiful gliding human refuge,” a term that is intentionally open to interpretation. Four body styles were selected: a two-seater car, a four-seater car, a different four-seater model with a higher, SUV-like ride height, and a six-seater.

Participants create concepts from scratch and show them in short films. Design research is full of futuristic features, including autonomous driving systems, technology to display images on the dashboard, touch screens embedded in doors and windows, and lounge-style interiors that look out of fashion at the Consumer Electronics Show. Consumer Electronics Show).one is cross It has a fastback-like roof line, the other is a solemn sedan, the third is an elegant coupe, and the last is a van, which doesn’t look like anything Lincoln has made before.

There is no indication that these concepts will be constructed, let alone approved for production.To be sure, from a student’s perspective, Lincoln’s future is Polaris. Volvo High-end branch A similar competition was held at the end of 2020, The finalists returned with sci-fi airships, electric yachts and automatic pods.

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