BMW i Vision Circular is a 100% recyclable and recyclable hatch cover


A few weeks ago, Mini went to work with fashion designers Paul Smith on Mini STRIP, Known as “sustainable design with distortions”, using streamlined components made of renewable and sustainable materials.If Mini STRIP is a glimpse BMW The group is considering the management of the business environment. The BMW i Vision Circular concept is a documentary on this subject with footnotes and bibliography. Together with the other four concepts unveiled at IAA Munich, this is the vision BMW can provide in 2040.Here, the “circular” in the concept name refers to a comprehensive sustainable development cycle, approximately 13 feet long hatch-length i3 — Made of recycled materials, 100% recyclable itself.

Circular is naturally a battery electric car. The solid-state batteries it uses are almost entirely made of recycled materials and are completely recyclable. The body above the backpack minimizes the number of necessary parts, and avoids glue, adhesive and composite materials to connect these parts, making it easy to disassemble. This means cords, snaps, quick-release fasteners, and a custom laser-etched fastener called “Happy Fusion”. (remember, Happiness is the way forward Suitable for BMW. ) A special wrench can be used to tighten and loosen the Joyful fusion connector with one rotation. The combination of easy disassembly and wireless upgrade functions can extend the service life of the vehicle.

In the case of meat and potatoes, the special sauce is the number bending outwards and inwards. Circular does not have a kidney-shaped grille. The kidney-shaped grille is the two digital screens running from side to side. BMW’s iconic double headlights appear on the edges, not round but angled double lines. Laser-etched rings are used on the aluminum body instead of the 3D logo to identify the brand.

Most of the fuselage is made of recycled aluminum with a light gold anodized finish, called anodized mystery bronze. It contrasts sharply with the rear part made of recycled heat-treated steel. colour It is called tempered blue steel. The hem around the hatch-the bumper and side door sills-are made of recycled plastic. They are paired with Vivid Blue Rubber tires made of recycled rubber, which are dotted with colored rubber particles to enhance the strength of the compound. The wheels are fixed in their centers by a happy fusion fastener.

The portal door allows easy access to the front recliner and the elevated rear bench, with restrictions on the top that look like a cushion. The taupe and violet on the top blend into the mint rug, with a lot of anodized mysterious bronze. 3D printing materials reduce wasted materials. The crystal shape in the center of the dashboard is cut by the connected “nervous structure”, creating a light show to show the circular “thinking”. However, the gauges and infotainment system are projected on the width of the lower part of the windshield. The driver can use the thumb pads set on the 3D printed steering wheel to control the content and position of the display. UI designers combined functions and gestures to create an interface called “phygital” by BMW. Entity + number, right?

Rear passengers can enjoy luxury from the dimmable glass panel on the upper roof, speakers that create a listening area for each occupant, and C-pillar lights made from recycled iDrive knobs.

The automaker stated that it hopes to “become the world’s most sustainable manufacturer in the personal high-end mobile sector.” Now it says that its brand’s vehicles use an average of 30% recycled materials and the goal is to reach 50%. The road to achieve this goal will involve a series of Neue Klasse vehicles, Circular is not these vehicles, but Circular’s ​​materials and methods point to these vehicles, so please wear your seat belts, because things are about to become…plants.

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