Brian Cashman didn’t sound very good to the Yankees, but defended the coaching staff: “It’s not Aaron Boone’s problem”


The Yankees are now fighting, and they are ranked fourth in the Eastern Conference with a 41-38 record.

New York has a 1-4 record in the past five games and was swept by the Red Sox for the second time in many series over the weekend.

Yankees general manager Brian Cashman is not satisfied with the team’s performance this season. However, he is unwilling to blame the team’s ups and downs on manager Aaron Boone. In fact, Cashman said he should take more responsibility for the team’s performance than Boone.

“This is not Aaron Boone’s problem, nor is it a problem with the coaching staff,” Cashman said before the Yankees’ victory over the Angels on Tuesday. Greg Joyce of the New York Post“They are doing what they need to do, but we are not getting the results we need. They have my support. We are together.

“It’s easy to suddenly say from my chair,’You know what? Let me throw something to satisfy the crowd. It’s harder to really stick to what you get because you believe in them. These people care, they are working hard, they really People are very good at their work. We didn’t get results. I’m the person in charge of baseball operations, so this is more important to me than them.”

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The Yankees certainly did not live up to expectations in 2021. Even after defeating the Angels, the team is still 7.5 games behind the Red Sox, the number one in the Eastern Conference. Their offense was unexpectedly impeccable because the New York team’s 321 points were only ahead of the Tank Tigers in the AL (308 times), and their 4.06 points per game ranked only 23rd among all MLB teams.

Cashman has not defended the team’s performance so far, and admitted that the team had “done your best” when it arrived mid-season.

“I know they desperately want to get on track, but I also know we are bad now, do your best,” Cashman said. “Trying to get yourself out of trouble is an effort, but before we go online and start playing high again, it will look terrible. It played terribly, and it stinks to the sky. Now, we must have it.

“I have to call it like I see it: it’s terrible now.”

Cashman may not blame Boone for the team’s struggles, but it remains to be seen what Yankees ownership will do if the team continues to hover at an average pace.

This is why Cashman knows that the team must play with some sense of urgency and find the problem before it is too late.

Cashman said: “We still can’t guarantee our position in the standings with the talent we have.” But it doesn’t matter, we all have to do something about it, including myself, but the players themselves are the same. “


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