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They have a relationship.

Management is not. Management uses power and authority to get people to do tasks you know can be done. Management is needed, but management is not enough.

Leadership is voluntary. Leadership is voluntary, and following is also voluntary. If you persist, then you are managing…

Creativity is a magical human behavior that can do things that may not work. If you know it will work, it’s management.

Akimbo (now independent company B, pioneering queue-based learning) has proven that creativity and leadership can be learned. They learn through practice, not through lectures.

Consider the legend Advanced Master of Business Administration, And now is its sixth year. The priority application deadline for the altMBA January 2022 course is tomorrow, September 7. Learn leadership through work.

I am so happy that the fifth session of the creative studio inspired my book practice, Starting on September 28.You can register and find detailed information On this site. This is a place to find other people, share your work, and most importantly, learn to look at your creative practice in a powerful new way.

Many people return to work again and again and learn from their peers. See what they are building in Akimbo…


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