Damian Lillard trade rumors: Knicks “do their homework” on Trail Blazers guard


There is a long, long way from Portland to New York.

Damian Lillard may transfer in this offseason, and recent trade rumors suggest that the superstar Trail Blazers guard may want to leave.

If Lillard wants to quit, count the Knicks as one of the suitors: SNY’s Ian Bergley reported that if Lillard makes a trade request, the Knicks have been doing “homework and preparations for Lillard” “.

The Knicks, for several weeks-members of the organization have been doing their homework, their preparations, about the possibility of Lillard seeking a trade from Portland. So the Knicks are obviously interested, just like any other team in the NBA that needs a star point guard. This is not surprising, but we are definitely far from the Knicks and the Trail Blazers or Trail Blazers and any other team that has important conversations about the Lillard trade. But at least the Knicks have done some homework and preparations.

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Begley also added that if the star the Knicks is aiming for does not play in this offseason, they will “play slowly” their strategy and wait for the right star to appear. With ample first-round draft picks and cap space, the Knicks provide a viable foothold for Lillard.

New York was eye-opening in the first season of head coach Tom Thibodeau, but was defeated by the Eagles in the first five games of the 2021 NBA playoffs.

Behind the poor performance of Julius Randall and RJ Barrett, there have been rumors that the Knicks may get a star player with one or two combinations.

Lillard turns 31 in July and he will lock up a huge amount of money in the 2024-25 season, limiting the potential suitors he serves. As part of his contract extension starting from the 2022-23 season, Lillard will pay a 35% salary cap, which is expected to be approximately US$40 million per year.

The Trail Blazers did hire Chauncey Billups, who was appointed by Lillard as Portland’s possible coach of choice after Terry Stotts stepped down. The personal experience of Billups being hired is a focus of contempt by Portland fans, and Lillard claimed that he was unaware of the rape accusations imposed on the coach of the new Trail Blazers.

In any case, if Lillard really asks for a trade, please consider the Knicks.


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