Dodge’s new stuff will be launched on July 8, but it’s still a mystery


Have dodge Muscle car news is about to be released, but we don’t yet know what it will be. Muscle cars and trucks A report was recently published, which interviewed Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis (Tim Kuniskis) and asked him about what is about to happen.

“The adjustment will be made on July 8th… We will release some very interesting things on July 8th”, this is what Kuniskis said when talking about this news.

At this time, July 8th is only one week and one day away, so this means we should see something fast and new from Dodge before Thursday next week. Unfortunately, Kuniskis did not provide any hints as to what this new product is.Kuniskis’s question was raised in the context of Dodge’s “reinventing the muscle car”, which stems from Separate Muscle cars and trucks Report released in May.

“Everyone knows that electrification is coming, and as far as Dodge is concerned, we will re-invent the muscle car,” Dodge head of sales and operations Matt McCallier told MC&T“I am very excited about the future direction of development, but now everyone is enjoying the’bachelorette party’. This is the final cheer.”

Is Kuniskis teasing Hybrids Muscle car or continuation Internal combustion engine “bachelorette party” It is not yet clear. Either way, we are very happy to see what Dodge has to show us next week.

In addition to possible product teasers or displays on July 8, Kuniskiss also revealed that Dodge will launch some new things Architecture time. It was at the beginning of November this year, and it was a destination where almost all types of performance cars were showcased.Once again, we are not sure what it will be, but electrification rumor Still hanging there. Whether Dodge begins electrification this year or the next few years, No doubt now It is under development.

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