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Domenic’s at the northern end of Boston is about to close;’Wichcraft is apparently open in its space


A north end restaurant that opened a few years ago is saying goodbye, and a new dining venue seems to be taking over the space.

According to sources, Domenico on Salem Street is shutting down and posted a post on Instagram confirm This also indicates that a new restaurant is moving in. Bizapedia page show ‘Wichcraft plans to open there, and the Licensing Board Hearings page on the city’s website Mention This is also true, although the location is spelled “Witchcraft” in the hearing notice and its full name is listed as Witchcraft on Salem (it looks like “Wichcraft may be the correct spelling, but we will try to confirm this).”

Domenic’s first opened in July 2019, and its owner also runs Carmelina’s, a restaurant located near Hanover Street that is still open.

The address of Domenic’s (and the proposed “Wichcraft”) is 54 Salem Street, Boston, MA, 02113.


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