ELEgen EL1 is an electric tribute to Audi Quattro S1


A German company called ELegend plans to create a Electronic car to Audi Four-wheel drive S1. This battery-powered coupe takes the general shape of the famous Group B rally car, but modernizes it into a cyberpunk video game.

The original Audi Quattro S1 was the first car to successfully use all-wheel drive. World Rally Championship, And played a huge role during the golden age known as rally racing.With it, Audi won three of the four World Rally Championship The championship title between 1982-85 was only awarded in 1983 Lancia 037.

ELegend indicates that EL1 will be powered by 90-KWh battery Packed and will provide 805 horsepower.Its game-oriented attitude includes a 3-way adjustable suspension and heavy use carbon fiber From the inside out. Of course, the electric motor will power all four wheels, and ELEgen claims a top speed of 158 mph. Given the car’s 3,700-pound curb weight, the company claims that the 0-62 time is only 2.8 seconds. More importantly, it was designed to run twice on the 13-mile Nurburgring circuit without performance degradation. When not driving the Green Hell at full speed, the company estimates a cruising range of 248 miles.

Its angular, heavy nose shape is not typical for a sports machine, but after it won, its silhouette became iconic. ELegend adjusted this profile for its EL1 electric vehicle. Tips include trapezoidal C-pillars, flared fenders and slender tail wings. The front is probably the most different place from the original. The bumper treatment of the same color of the body is surrounded by a black grille, which is reminiscent of the appearance of a VCR swallowing tape in the 80s. The rear avoids any taillight patterns with black bars with LED rings, but somehow the proportions are still reminiscent of Quattro.

The white 5-spoke wheels of the El1 imitate the wheels of a rally car, but are enlarged in modern times, and use staggered front wheel diameters and 20-inch diameter wheels. Presumably, the battery pack will be along the floor of the car as it is described as having a trunk and a trunk. This should give the car better handling than the original Quattro, which fixes a large part of its inline-5 to the front axle and is prone to terminal understeer.

ELegend says it will only build 30 EL1 examples, starting at $1.06 million yuan. However, it will later launch “two other icons of the same type”, each running 30 units. It is not clear whether this means a change in Quattro or other rally legends.If you are interested in booking, you can Legendary website.

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