Eric Adams maintains a weak lead in the New York mayoral campaign after revising the count


The revised vote count for the New York City mayor announced on Wednesday showed that the gap between Catherine Garcia and front-runner Eric Adams was closer to that of leader Eric Adams than Tuesday’s poor voting result. .

The latest statistics show that Adams, the retired sheriff and mayor of Brooklyn, received 51.1% of the votes, and the former head of the health department Garcia received 48.9% of the votes, the same as last time.

However, the gap between Democratic contenders has narrowed from 15,908 votes to 14,755 votes, and there are still approximately 124,000 absentee votes to be counted.

The third candidate, Maya Wiley, said that the election was “still open” and requested that every vote be counted.

The city’s election commission announced the recount on Wednesday night, and an apology after an abnormal failure a day ago resulted in approximately 135,000 votes from the system test run being incorrectly counted in the vote count.This error It aroused the anger of the candidates and ridicule from the residents of New York.

The board of directors is no stranger to controversy and criticism, and attributed the failure to “human error.”

This election is the first time the city has used ranked selection to vote, allowing each voter to choose to list up to five candidates in order of priority on their ballot. The losing candidates were eliminated in successive rounds and their votes were redistributed until only two finalists remained.

“Yesterday’s ranking selection vote report error is unacceptable, and we apologize to voters and the movement that caused chaos,” said two members of the board, President Frederick Uman and secretary Miglina Camilo. “Let us be clear: [ranked choice voting] Not a problem, but a human error that could have been avoided. “

The board insists that a new review layer has been introduced and can “certainly” report that the latest form is accurate.

Garcia is a pragmatist who surged in the latter part of his campaign. He said: “Although we are still confident in our path to victory, we will not take everything for granted and encourage everyone to wait patiently. More than 124,000 absentee ballots were counted and included in the ranking voting table.”

The Adams campaign team discovered on Tuesday night that it appeared to have added more than 100,000 votes since the election night a week ago.

His campaign team pointed out on Wednesday that he was leading on election day, adding: “There are still absentee votes to be counted, and we think it’s beneficial to Eric-we are confident that when every vote is counted, We will be the ultimate choice for New Yorkers.”

Adams seems to have one Commander On election night, 31.8% of voters listed him as the first choice.He was followed by Willie, who was the mayor’s former lawyer Bill De Blasio And leading progressive candidates, accounting for 22.2%. Garcia ranked third with 19.3%.

But Garcia benefited from the voting process through the ranking selection process. After entrepreneur Andrew Young was eliminated and redistributed the votes, she overtook Willie by only 347 votes. Willie’s elimination gave Garcia another boost.

This election is considered the most important in a generation New York City It is trying to recover from a pandemic that has killed more than 33,000 residents, razed small businesses to the ground, and destroyed the social fabric of the city.

As part of a broader struggle between the moderate establishment of the Democratic Party and the rising progressives, it has also received close attention outside the largest cities in the United States.

Given the large number of Democratic voters in the city, no matter which Democratic candidate wins the primary election, he will almost certainly win the November general election.

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