Free supercharge for California Tesla owners on the weekend of July 4


Good news for Tesla drivers in California: Super charging will be free on July 4th. On June 28, Tesla sent the following message to some Tesla owners through the Tesla App:

“Avoid the rush of the July 4th holiday, and charge free at designated California supercharger stations between Friday, July 2 and Monday, July 5, before 12 pm and after 9 pm. Fast charging, please use Trip Planner to navigate to your destination to optimize your route and automatically pre-condition your battery.”

Tesla does not provide a list of “selected California superchargers”, but you can easily check the status and prices of superchargers on the car navigation map. (Hint: Tap the red pin with a number on it.) Please note that the free charging time period is before 12 noon and after 9 pm. It is estimated that the idle fee will still apply, so don’t stay excessively after charging is completed.

Taking the Los Angeles area as an example, the cost of supercharging during off-peak hours is usually US$0.21/kWh. For 10% to 80% charging, Model 3/Y Long Range or Performance saves about 10-12 US dollars, and Model S/X saves about 13-15 US dollars.If you charge, you can save $18.27 Model S Plaid like we did in the test.

Generally speaking, from afternoon to night, when people are active and use appliances such as air conditioners during the hot day, the electricity demand will be higher. Charging electric vehicles at these times will further increase the load on the grid, especially fast charging. From a typical 220V shutdown, the EV only needs 6-12 kW, but it can easily be increased by 10 to 20 times on a 3-level fast charger. This sudden peak will force utility companies to use less efficient or more polluting methods to generate electricity to meet grid load.

Therefore, charging electric vehicles during off-peak hours can help reduce the pressure on the grid and be more environmentally friendly. When Tesla pays for electricity, it is more motivated to do so. In California, super charging stations are often crowded during holidays, and Tesla drivers have to wait in line for 15 to 30 minutes to find a booth. Therefore, if your travel plan allows you to supercharge during off-peak hours, you can save time and money.

Happy holidays, travel safely, and don’t misuse Autopilot.


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