Has Messi’s contract with Barcelona expired? What is the next step for the Argentine star?


Unbelievable, but Lionel Messi’s contract with Barcelona will officially expire on June 30, making him a free agent.

Since deciding to leave the club last summer, speculation about Messi’s future has prevailed, and he returned to the club after he had to take Barcelona to court to withdraw from the deal with one year left in his contract. The legend suggests that his career with Barcelona may soon be over.

The 34-year-old player has seen the last season of his current contract, with the departure of former President Josep Bartomeu, who has had a tense relationship with Messi, and the arrival of Joan Laporta. It seems that Messi will stay at the club. But he has not renewed his contract at the Nou Camp. So will Messi really leave Catalonia this summer?

Everything you need to know about this interesting legend is here.

When does Messi’s contract with Barcelona expire?

Messi has now reached the expiration date of his contract on June 30, 2021, which means that he will become a free agent and can join any club of his choice without having to pay any transfer compensation for Barcelona.

The six-time Ballon d’Or winner became the highest-paid player in La Liga history when he signed a new four-year contract worth $674 million with Barcelona, ​​but according to reports, the club can no longer meet his salary requirements. Worrying financial crisis.

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Will Lionel Messi sign a new Barcelona contract?

Several media reports said that just last week, negotiations between Messi and Barcelona officials on the renewal of the contract were still in progress, and the negotiations had not yet achieved a breakthrough.

Although there is no news about the official contract offer, it is reported that the Argentine international has agreed to stay at the club until 2023, and the announcement has been postponed due to the final details of certain contract terms. The arrangement of the report also considered the match between MLS and International Miami and returned to Barcelona as the club ambassador.

Barcelona Chairman Joan Laporta has repeatedly expressed his optimism about retaining Messi. The most recent time he said that the newly signed Sergio Aguero has been doing his part to convince his compatriots. Sign on the dotted line. Many people think that signing Messi’s good friend Aguero is a prelude to Messi’s signing.

“Aguero is helping. He tells him every day to stay,” Laporta said earlier this month. “he [Messi] Very excited, I am grateful that he showed his desire to stay. “

Messi is currently busy helping Argentina win the first Copa America since 1993. Argentina will face Ecuador in the quarter-finals.

Can Lionel Messi leave Barcelona? What clubs can he join?

If Barcelona fails to reach an agreement with Messi, he will be free to transfer and leave the club, and there will be no shortage of potential suitors.

Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain were the clubs with the closest ties to the midfield organizer last summer, and they are reportedly still paying close attention to his situation.

Old boys from Real Madrid, Manchester United and boyhood club Newell are also thought to be interested in Messi, but due to the possibility of reunion with former Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola, Manchester City is touted as his most likely destination.


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