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The starting point of The Toadstools is at Kanab, Utah, And Page, Arizona. It is about 45 miles from Kanab and 30 miles from Pecs. The trails are marked, but they are easy to pass because most people drive on the highway.

Starting point coordinates: 37.1025731,-111.8741036

When you arrive, there is a small parking lot with free admission. There is also a logo and trace record at the beginning.

Toadstool Trail is relatively easy, about 1.5 miles before and after. It has some uneven footholds after washing, but it is friendly to dogs and families. After you come out of the shower, you will see the main toadstool, stone umbrella, appear in front of you. Make a note of where you are from so that you can return to the parking lot in the correct washing method.

After reaching the main big red toadstool, you will enter a small canyon. There are other smaller toadstools and rock features, mainly located about 100 meters to the northeast, and another group located 0.15 miles to the west.


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