If you are a beginner, 7 interesting things to do in Santa Monica


Some people mistakenly think that Santa Monica is a neighborhood in Los Angeles, but it is its own city. It is famous for its piers and beaches, but it also has eight different communities.

Downtown/Third Street Promenade It has the two largest shopping areas in Santa Monica, with many shops, restaurants and hotels. The farmers market is on Wednesday and Saturday.

Main street It is the artistic atmosphere of Santa Monica with a surfer atmosphere. Main St has galleries, boutiques and the most concentrated coffee shop in the city. There is also a weekly farmers’ market on Sundays.

Midtown: The furthest inland community is an arts and entertainment center. You can also find contemporary art collections here.

Montana Avenue: High-end and local boutiques. You will find more than 150 boutiques and restaurants.

Ocean Park Avenue/Santa Monica Airport area: Independent coffee shop, boutique and art gallery. The airport is used by private jet owners and flight museums.

Peak Avenue: The most ethnically diverse community and home to Santa Monica College. Local small farmers’ market on Saturdays.

Santa Monica Pier/Ocean Drive: The most popular area, with famous piers and beaches, as well as open-air restaurants and bars.

Wilshire Boulevard: There is a sports field and a reflecting pool where Douglas Park is located. A bunch of food choices, including concentrated Mexican restaurants.


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