Jeff Van Gundy was hailed in the Sun Clippers Game 5 for his “rigidity of the game” comments


alienation? Split? Sisyphine? No matter how you spell it, Jeff Van Gundy thinks it’s happening.

In the fifth game between the Suns and the Clippers in the fourth quarter of the Western Conference Finals on Monday night, Suns forward Jack Lauder was assessed as a flagrant foul after slapped Paul George in the face in a controversial shot. Jeff Van Gundy disagreed with this sentence.

Although Crowder’s attempt to challenge the shot is questionable at best, according to Van Gundy, this is just another example of “the rigidity of the game.”

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The replay showed that Crowder clearly blocked George in his face in the next game, meeting the criteria for a flagrant foul (unnecessary contact with the opponent).

Remember, Van Gundy came from different eras of NBA basketball coaches, and the NBA in the 90s was completely different.

George’s 41 points will help the Clippers win the fifth game and push the series to six games. The team will head to Los Angeles. Phoenix leads the series 3-2.

Regardless of the outcome, people were not too satisfied with Van Gundy’s blatant comments and made criticisms (and jokes):


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