Mitsubishi and Nissan jointly develop electric vehicles


Nissan with Mitsubishi It has announced plans to jointly manufacture electric kei cars.The unnamed car will mark an important step towards electrification Japan’s Popular ultra-compact market segment.

The car will be powered by 20 kWh Battery And will be designed to take on daily driving duties in the Japanese driving cycle. The car can also double as a mobile power source or power the home in an emergency. Nissan said the car is 134 inches long, 58 inches wide, and 65 inches high to comply with laws restricting car size.

The two companies stated that the car will be developed by NMKV Co., Ltd., a joint venture that represents Nissan Mitsubishi Kei Vehicle.Each car manufacturer owns 50% of the shares and has jointly manufactured products such as Cat’s favorite Nissan Dayz, Mitsubishi sells it as eK.

In fact, this may mean that Mitsubishi will develop this car, and Nissan just put a badge on it.Nissan traditionally did not make kei cars, but chose to relabel those made by Suzuki Or Mitsubishi.

In fact, Mitsubishi built the first electric car, I-Miev, Back in 2009, it was actually Sell ​​in the U.S. Until 2017. The jelly-shaped electric car was a pioneer in this field, but the 62-mile range of its 16-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery showed the limitations of the technology at the time. Mitsubishi moved approximately 32,000 vehicles before the shutdown, with pre-tax credit prices ranging from US$23,000 to US$31,000.

The new Nissan Mitsubishi Kei will be available at approximately 2 Millions of yen, or US$18,200. Although the price is a bit more expensive than the gasoline version, Analyst’s forecast In other words, if Kei cars are forced to electrify, prices will soar 66% to 120%. The gasoline-powered Nissan Dayz starts at approximately $15,200.

In terms of size, both have similar footprints because they are restricted by the size limit of the kei car. Due to its compact size, special grade cars can obtain unique license plates and other registration cost advantages.A sort of BMW i3 Because of its 158 inches long and 70 inches wide, it will exceed these limits. However, the larger EV is equipped with a larger 42.2 kWh battery and can travel 152 miles.

Although no photos have been released, we predict that it looks like the iMk concept (as shown in the image above). The car will go on sale in the spring of 2022.

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