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Naomi Osaka’s skin care brand provides tinted sunscreen for melanin-rich skin | Comments, Photos


Although I did not pair the moisturizing gold mist with sunscreen in the same way, I really like how it feels on the skin.It is full of moisturizing Aloe, Witch hazel and hemp seed oil. The spray mechanism is perfect, so it feels like a cloud of mist gently sprayed on your skin instead of a violent spray attacking your face. It has a faint tropical fragrance with a touch of coconut and citrus. I really like it.

Although scented products may be unpopular for some people, I did not find that the scent lasts too long or feels too strong. Although I hide at home these days, I can definitely see how refreshing this spray, especially its fragrance, will be on a hot summer day.

Kinlò restore moisturizing golden mist

However, my favorite launch product may just be a moisturizing lipstick.I love moisturizing lip products, that’s why I keep a few lip balm In my desk area (this balm is now included). It is formulated with shea butter, four oils (olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, and hemp seed oil to be precise), and aloe vera, all of which are great for moisturizing. It also contains olive tree bark extract and red seaweed, which King said, both of which help strengthen the skin’s barrier.

When I rub a little on my lips, I can definitely feel the moisturizing effect. After washing my hands thoroughly, I just dipped the tips of my pointed acrylic nails into the extendable buttery formula and applied them directly to my lips. To melt the thick lip balm, I just rub it between my lips and use my natural body temperature.

I don’t think I need to reapply the lip balm too frequently, and a small amount does go a long way, which is an A+ in my book. Although the thick formula is packaged in a small quarter-sized jar, I believe this will last for a few months because there is very little product needed to feel really moisturizing.

Similar to the lip balm, the moisturizing eye cream is also infused with Aljuan tree bark extract, aloe vera, jojoba oil and hemp seed oil. I don’t need to use too much under my eyes, it feels very moisturizing. (Admittedly, I didn’t really use Eye cream, But I think this is exactly what it needs to do. )

All in all, Kinlò not only eliminated it with its non-whitening tinted mineral sunscreen, but also provided three other products that feel great on the skin. Moisturization and protection are important to the brand, and this can be clearly seen from the thoughtful ingredients and amazing results.

To get a product with a retail price of US$6 to US$20, please go to Jinluo.

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