New picture book, July 2021


As we enter the summer and the library reopens, you may want to see what is new in picture books. I think you will find some good books on this new book list that you can read with children.

Happy reading!

New picture book, July 2021

Something stinks
Jonathan Finsk
interactive / Fourth wall / interesting
Speaking directly to the reader, the skunk asks if you can smell that unpleasant smell. Because it’s really smelly! But if it wasn’t clean underwear or you (you smell good), what would it be? Why are you yelling? The skunk can’t hear you. Stupid fun is sure to please the reader in your lap.

Foodie Flamingo
Painted by Vanessa Howl, painted by Pablo Pino
This bold flamingo will teach kids to try new foods (that is, to become a gourmet) is a colorful adventure! Because when Frankie tries food that is not shrimp-she will change the color to match other foods. Her friends became curious, and when they saw Frankie’s food adventure, they also decided to try new foods. I like this gentle (non-missionary) story because it also encourages children to try new foods.

The more the better
Illustration by David Martin, Raissa Figueroa
All the differences are celebrating
The uniqueness of each animal is warmly celebrated, and bear after bear dances in the forest in their own way. Moose galumphs, snake swinging, deer jumping, owl flying. With rhythmic repetition, this animal party is a pleasure to read aloud. When each animal is introduced, they will say something similar—”I like your beat. But I am different from you. So I will only do what I can.”How fun it is to celebrate individuality and dance together!

Penelope Struder and the birthday treasure hunt
By Brendan Kearney
Puzzle / Search and find
Today is Penelope’s birthday, but her uncle Derek hides her gift from the pesky puffin. You must help her solve the puzzles on each page, including passwords, mazes and equations, as well as a list of search items. This will help Penelope move to the next room until she can finally find out what her birthday present is. The fun of problem-solving and detailed, interesting illustrations are best for 7-10 years old.

Gaby Snyder, Illustration by Stephanie Graegin
Listening / Mindfulness / Onomatopoeia
What if you listen to every voice? Listening to a little girl spend her day, starting from the noisy street, and then the sound of the school, rain or shine, until bedtime.Listen to the crunch of gravel and the scratching of chalk. //Can you hear the new words? Listen to every sound. Some are popular and like to be fast and lively, while others stretch and like to be laid back and laid back. listen.“This girl begs you to listen, repeated throughout the book, reminding readers to stop and listen to our outer and inner. Listen to the flapping of shoes, the sound of raindrops on the umbrella, the rumbling of the belly, and the whirring. The panting sound. Beautiful.

Halal hot dog
Susannah Azia, illustration by Parwinder Singh
Food / Muslim American Culture
After praying in the mosque, it was Moussa’s turn to choose food-he chose halal hot dogs. But first, he will share the food chosen by his other family members in turn, and then he must wait until after the mosque. He was a little shaky and hungry, but finally, it was time. Moussa waited in a long line, eager to share with his family. But when he got home, there was no sauce or hot dog in the bag, but a falafel. Now, what will he do? Find another halal hot dog stand, of course! A festive celebration of food and culture!

Super Millie and Super School Day
By Stephanie Clarkson and by Gwen Millward
Super Millie thinks hard and uses her child’s superpowers Kindness Help her classmate When they are struggling with different things. For example, she helps one person put on his costume, and another person shares green paint.

Outdoor activities in Fatima
Author: Ambreen Tariq, illustrated by Stevie Lewis
Put aside the cruelty of the students, Fatima and her family camped in the forest for the first time. Her mom and dad made this experience an interesting adventure through food, family stories, and persistence when problems arise. It helped Fatima love camping-fun and adventure-and reminded her of her past life in India. She returned to the city sadly, but her AAPA (sister) reminded her that they could come back soon.

Moths and butterflies
By Dev Petty, illustrated by Ana Aranda
Differences and similarities / Friendship / error
Two good caterpillar friends who have a lot in common went through an amazing process of transformation. Then they pop out of the cocoon-one is a butterfly, the other is a moth. Now they have a new difference. The wings of butterflies are colorful, and the wings of moths are beige. Butterflies fly during the day and moths fly at night. Even so, some things are still the same-they still have cool moves and good friendships.

Perfect plan
By Lean Gilbert
Maya is determined to make her dream a comfortable fortress, where she can read and play with reality so that she can start working. However, she realized that she needed help, so she recruited forest animals and used their special skills to help her build a fortress. Beavers help cut wood, moose lift heavy objects, bears help build frames, and birds help build roofs. In a gorgeous forest environment, there is a determined girl who is not afraid to ask for help.

Somewhere in the city
Illustration by JB Frank, Yu Leng
urban life
A little girl is waiting for her father to come home from get off work. Dad got off work and returned home through the busy and noisy city. We also saw the city from Lucy’s window. Finally, Dad returned home and read the bedtime story to Lucy.

Number of Diwali: Celebrate by Numbers
SC Baheti, illustration by Rohen Dahotre
counting / Indian culture
Learn to count from one to ten in Hindi. The beautiful illustration shows the nouns that represent the Diwali holiday And the number of fingers showing the number. For example, Seven pages says, “7 SAAT 7 Phool maala wreath“, and showed the seven-fingered hand marked in red with cute garland illustrations. This is a good book about Indian culture and language.

Jenny May is very sad
By Tracy Subisak
feelings / Friendship
According to the narration of Meijini’s friends, we learned that Meijini was sad, but she did not always show it. Sometimes she smiles, sometimes she tears things, sometimes she is quiet. It’s ok. Her friends are always there for “Interesting and uninteresting and everything in between. ” This wonderfully shows the importance of accepting the feelings and behavior of friends without judgment or trying to solve the problem.

Memory Box: A book about sadness
By Joanna Rowland, illustrated by Thea Baker
This exquisite book left a deep impression on me. It gently showed the sad look and feelings to the children in a child-friendly language, and shared the child’s feelings and what she did to commemorate her loved ones. The girl was worried that she might forget this person, and she wanted to know what would happen to their love. She made a memory box to help her remember and asked people to share the memory. While creating new memories, the girl also remembered that person in her heart. She knew that she would never forget that person, because every time she missed that person, she would think of them. Extraordinary.
**I strongly recommend buying the included Sad Diary for Children and Family Use some of the activities mentioned in the story and more tips to help deal with emotions.
(This is my complete list of books on dead and grieving children.)

New picture book, July 2021

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