NFL draft pick, predictions for spread Week 1: Bucs makes adjustments to the Cowboys; Chiefs control the Browns; 49ers, Packers


The first week of the 2021 NFL regular season is finally here, which means that there is a whole new series of games to fight the spread.This time, the total number of predictions will rise from 256 to 272, and the league will change to First 17 matches.

This provides more actions and opportunities to get things done. But it also means that there are more difficult betting lines and odds to navigate.

Without too much consideration, the following is the initial spread and high/low requirements of “Sports News” for the exciting opening whiteboard:

(The match odds are determined by Fan showdown)

NFL power ranking:
Bill, 49ers, Steelers rise; Cowboys, Dolphins fall after preseason

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NFL chooses to fight the spread of Week 1

  • This week’s game: Browns at the Chiefs (-6.5, 52.5 o/u)

4:25pm EST Sunday, CBS

The last time these teams met was in the 2020 AFC Divisional Playoffs. The Chiefs took a 19-3 lead at halftime, but after losing Patrick Mahoms to a concussion, they had to insist on escaping 22-17 on their way to Super Bowl 55. -card win, looking for more expectations for this season. Cleveland can stay close again with the more explosive offense led by Baker Mayfield and the more destructive defense led by Miles Garrett. Kansas City maintained control for the rematch and ended the game with an improved running race.

Pick: The Chiefs won 27-23, but failed to fill the gap.

  • Midweek game: Pirates’ Cowboys (-7.5, 52 o/u)

8:20 p.m. EST Thursday, NBC

The Buccaneers will celebrate their Super Bowl 55 ring at the beginning of the season. Tom Brady has returned to a strong team that did not lose any key players last season, and will undergo a comprehensive reform of the Cowboys defense led by former Falcons coach Dan Quinn. Dallas has another big question mark about Dark Prescott’s health, and his shoulder injury is a mystery. The visiting team also has enough firepower, but Tampa Bay will keep them out of key positions and play a role again in all three defensive levels.

Pick: The Pirates won 34-24 and covered the difference.

  • Locked this week: The 49ers (-7.5, 45.5 o/u) surpassed the Lions

Fox at 1:00 PM EST Sunday

The 49ers will initially insist that Jimmy Gallopolo be their starting quarterback instead of rookie Trey Lance, but it doesn’t matter who is at the center in the opener. The Lions’ rebuilt defense cannot cope with San Francisco’s dynamic running games or dangerous passing games with Brandon Eyuk, Debow Samuel and George Kittle misplaced. After last year’s injury-ridden chaos, Niners will be eager to start quickly and be Kyle Shanahan’s road warrior. Dan Campbell’s return to coaching is difficult, which shows that the season is very long, while former Rams quarterback Jared Goff relives the nightmare under familiar defense.

Pick: The 49ers won 34-13 and covered the difference.

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  • Disturbance of the week: Bengals beat Vikings (-3, 48 o/u)

Fox at 1:00 PM EST Sunday

The Vikings entering this season are overrated. The Bengal tiger is underestimated. Joe Burrow should be back to lift Cincinnati in the home opener while helping former LSU teammate Jamal Chase get rid of some preseason problems. Both defenses have some talent, but there are also transitional and lingering weaknesses. The Vikings will try to run often and win with Darwin Cook, but this will turn into a sneaky shootout because Burrow dispersed the field well and defeated Kirk Cousins ​​in a duel.

Pick: The Bengal Tigers won 27-24.

  • Jaguars of the Texans (-2.5, 44.5 o/u)

Sunday, 1 p.m. Eastern Time, CBS

Jaguars rookie Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence has attracted much attention. The Texans are full of uncertainty about their veteran Clemson QB DeShawn Watson. Urban Meyer is an accomplished coach who made his debut than David Culley. Jacksonville will be able to run well and create favorable passing opportunities for Lawrence to counter Houston’s defense. The Jags’ defense will go beyond their new plan and steal one when they can.

Pick: The Jaguars won 27-24 and covered the difference.

  • Charger in Washington (-1, 44.5 o/u)

Sunday, 1 p.m. Eastern Time, CBS

The Chargers should feel comfortable and confident that rookie coach Brandon Staley will lead their new defense and second-year quarterback Justin Herbert in the new offense. Considering their game in Los Angeles, home and away are of little significance to them. Washington has similar profiles with Ron Rivera and Bridge QB Ryan Fitzpatrick to distribute dynamic weapons. This is a classic toss, but because Joey Bossa gets more support than Chase Young, the Chargers will get more juice and energy in a fierce game.

Pick: The Chargers won 20-17.

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  • The Colts’ Seahawks (-2.5, 48.5 o/u)

Sunday, 1pm Eastern Time, Fox

The Seahawks are another strong away team from the West Coast, and there is no time to adjust in the first week. The Colts are satisfied that both Carson Wentz and Quinton Nelson can stabilize the offense in the opener. But under the leadership of Shane Waldron on the other side, it is still Russell Wilson’s new offense. He should be a more trustworthy QB with mature elite weapons. Wilson can help Seattle better support running games, instead of what Rusty Wentz did for Indianapolis, Jamal Adams cleaned up late to fulfill his contract.

Pick: The Seahawks won 23-17 and covered the difference.

  • Panther Jet (-5, 45.5 o/u)

Sunday, 1 p.m. Eastern Time, CBS

Zach Wilson is Sam Darnold’s quarterback upgrade. But the Jets rookie QB has more unknowns on the offensive end in the new plan. This will make things challenging when making his debut on the road defensively against the young Panthers. Thanks to Christian McCaffrey’s recovery and supplementary offense, Darnold’s days against his predecessor team in the office will be easier.

Pick: The Panthers won 24-17 and covered the difference.

  • Cardinals of Titans (-3, 52 o/u)

Sunday, 1 p.m. Eastern Time, CBS

The Cardinals and Titans encountered various defensive problems last season. Some of them will be cleaned up, but this game will live up to the high-scoring hype with Kyler Murray and Derek Henry as the core. Arizona has more influential players to curb Ryan Tennyhill and Tennessee’s action-based passing game, while Tennessee will rejuvenate with DeAndre Hopkins on the back end AJ Green and others struggled in the game. JJ Watt made sure that his new team would not lose to a familiar AFC South opponent.

Pick: The Cardinals won 31-27.

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  • Bill Steelers (-6.5, 48.5 o/u)

Sunday, 1 p.m. Eastern Time, CBS

The Bills handled the Steelers well last season, winning 26-15 after defeating Buffalo. It is not easy for Josh Allen to pass the ball in the low court against TJ Watt and Minkah Fitzpatrick, but Ben Roethlisberger will face a more difficult defense against Bills’ strength in midfield. The Bills will take enough measures to curb rookie Naji Harris’s running, while Allen has found enough opponents to take advantage of.

Pick: Bill won 27-19 and made up for the difference.

  • Falcons (-3.5, 48 o/u)

Fox at 1:00 PM EST Sunday

The Hawks have a new offensive coach Nick Siriani called their game. The Falcons have a new offensive coach Arthur Smith called their game. Atlanta is more stable next to Matt Ryan, wide receiver Calvin Ridley and precious rookie close end Kyle Pitts help Mike Davis improve the running game. With Jalen Hurts at the helm, Philadelphia’s running and passing are more volatile. Smith inspired and inspired the Falcons at home in his rookie debut.

Pick: The Falcons won 27-24, but failed to cover the point difference.

  • Packers of the Saints (Jacksonville, Florida) (-4, 50 o/u)

4:25 pm EST Sunday, Fox

The Packers knew they would let Aaron Rogers start another season. The Saints know that Drew Bliss played for them the last season. Green Bay’s offense is the more reliable machine here, with blocking and technical leaders Davante Adams and Aaron Jones. New Orleans is a wild card between starting Jermaes Winston and Michael Thomas, and will rely too much on Alvin Camara in away games. Bliss and Dome are usually automatic, but Rogers and Highway are better choices here.

Pick: The Packers won 30-24 and covered the difference.

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  • Broncos of the Giants (-2.5, 41.5 o/u)

4:25 pm EST Sunday, Fox

The Broncos had a big QB problem and chose a safer route at Teddy Bridgewater. The Giants are facing a boom or bust for third-year player Daniel Jones. Denver will rely more on the defensive Vic Fangio of backcourt rookie Javent Williams. Joe Judge should see his offense open more doors for Jones, with a healthy Sakun Barkley and big name Kenny Gorradi. Denver has a great defensive advantage, but New York has sneakily improved there.

Pick: The Giants won 23-17.

  • Patriots’ Dolphins (-3, 43.5 o/u)

4:25pm EST Sunday, CBS

In the first year of Tua Tagovailoa, the Dolphins are restarting their offense. The Patriots and Mike Jones will focus on complementary passing games to build their deep and strong running game because they know how good their defense is still. Brian Flores’ defense is excellent, based on the plan of his mentor Bill Belichick. It feels like a chaotic low-scoring game determined by some offensive errors. Miami will be these, and New England has been a little conservative in the war of attrition.

Pick: The Patriots won 17-13 and covered the difference.

  • Rams and Bears (-7.5, 45 o/u)

8:20 p.m. EST Sunday night, NBC

The Bears will beat first-rounder Justin Fields with Andy Dalton because they know this game will be a difficult first task for the rookie. For Dalton, this is not easy, because he knows his unstable offensive line, seeing a lot of Aaron Donald and wide receiver Allen Robinson will see a lot of former Jaguar Jaylen Ramsey. This is also his least favorite game time, prime time. Matthew Stafford will use Sean McVeigh’s strong support and shrewd play style to make his debut against the familiar NFC Northern opponents in the Rams.

Pick: The Rams won 27-17 and covered the difference.

  • Raiders’ Ravens (-4.5, 51 o/u)

8:15 PM Eastern Time Monday, ESPN

When Las Vegas tried to treat the first home fans to attend prime time, the Ravens were not the best visitors. Lamar Jackson will do whatever he wants, running and passing under the Raiders defense, supported by Gus Edwards and the reformed receiving team. Derek Carr will feel the heat that the Ravens stopped running and contained their previously felt-good story Darren Waller.

Pick: The Ravens won 33-20 and covered the difference.


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