NHTSA orders automakers equipped with automatic or driver assistance systems to report collisions


Detroit-The U.S. government’s highway safety agency has ordered automakers to report any Self-driving car Or part of the automated driving assistance system.

Tuesday’s move National Highway Traffic Safety Administration It shows that the agency has taken a tougher stance on the safety of autonomous vehicles than in the past. It has been reluctant to issue any new technical regulations for fear of hindering the adoption of potentially life-saving technologies.

The order requires vehicle and equipment manufacturers and operators to report collisions on public roads involving fully automated vehicles, or on roads where driver assistance systems are operating before or during the collision.

“By enforcing incident reports, the agency will be able to access critical data, which will help quickly identify possible safety issues in these automated systems,” National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Acting administrator Steven Cliff said in a statement.

The agency said it will look for potential safety flaws, and this information may lead it to dispatch a collision investigation team or launch a flaw investigation.

Since June 2015, NHTSA has dispatched accident investigation teams to 31 collisions involving semi-autonomous driving assistance systems, and the order was issued after that. Such systems can keep the vehicle in the center of the lane and maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front.Of these accidents, 25 involved TeslaAccording to data released by the agency, the agency’s autonomous driving system has reported 10 deaths.

Tesla and other manufacturers warn that drivers using these systems must be ready to intervene at any time. The Tesla car using this system hit the semi-intersection ahead of them, blocking the emergency vehicle and the road barrier.

The agency is also investigating non-fatal accidents involving some automated systems Lexus RX450H, a Volvo XC-90, and two Cadillac CT6In addition, the team also investigated a collision involving an automatic Navya Arma low-speed shuttle, as well as another Volvo XC90 Operators Uber One of the pedestrians was killed in Arizona.

If it involves injuries, deaths, Airbag Deployment, pedestrian or cyclist, or severe enough to make a vehicle Towed away go away.

Other collision accidents involving vehicles equipped with the system must be reported once a month, involving personal injury or death or property damage.

NHTSA said in a statement that data can show whether there are common patterns in crashes involving systems.


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