Raiders give up linebacker Tanner Muse and wish him a happy birthday


On Monday, a former Raiders linebacker received an interesting birthday greeting from the team.

Tanner Muse, the third round pick of the 2020 NFL Draft, was waived on Monday before playing against Las Vegas.

Given his current performance in the training camp, this move surprised some people.

But while the move may be surprising, or it may not, the move itself is not the worst.

The Raiders’ official Twitter account wished Muse a happy birthday at noon Eastern Time, just over an hour after reports that he will be removed from office.

The 25-year-old Muse has won the Clemson national championship twice, was named the best player of the ACC twice, and was named to the All-American Third Team in 2019.

He is the second of two 2020 third-round picks who were waived by the team before playing for them, and the other is former Kentaly running back Lynn Bowden, Jr.

However, even though Muse’s birthday gift may sting now, he still has a chance to get a better and more popular belated birthday gift.


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