Shell will install 50,000 roadside electric vehicle chargers in the UK by 2025


Royal Dutch Shell is working to expand its network Electric car Provide chargers for drivers who do not have private parking in the UK.

According to a statement released on Wednesday, Shell’s Ubitricity division will install 50,000 roadside charging points by 2025. It already has about 3,600 chargers in the country’s existing infrastructure such as street lights. The British Climate Change Commission stated that by the middle of this century, the country needs 150,000 public chargers.

The UK has banned the sale of new gasoline and Diesel car Starting in 2030, this will require rapid construction of a charging network.The easiest way to make up a car Battery According to the National Audit Office, about two-thirds of households in cities and urban environments do not have street parking spaces at home.

The company said that the UK government’s Office of Zero Emission Vehicles currently bears 75% of the cost of installing roadside chargers, and Shell is prepared to bear the remaining costs in accordance with commercial terms. It did not provide a figure for the total cost of the project.

“As more and more people turn to electric vehicles, this is a good example of how private investment can be used with government support to ensure that our electric vehicle infrastructure is suitable for the future,” British Transport Minister Rachel Rachel Maclean made the statement.


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