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The best video format on Instagram [New Data]


As a millennial generation, it’s no surprise that Instagram is one of my favorite social media platforms.This network is The third most popular social media site For audiences of generation Z and millennials.

While scrolling through a website is the easiest thing, publishing the right content for your audience is not.

As a marketer, you may want to know which type of Instagram content is best for your audience. To help you, we decided to ask consumers the type of video format they watch most frequently.

In this article, you will learn about the video formats that users like to watch on Instagram, as well as the size, length and aspect ratio of these videos.

The best video format for Instagram

Instagram is very popular, but did you know that there is more than one video format that can be used for content?

To find the most popular videos, we surveyed more than 300 people to find out which videos they watched the most.

finally, Instagram story Video is the most popular video format on social media sites, and 43% of respondents watch this type of video the most.

Except for respondents who did not use Instagram, the video format with the second highest number of views was live video, followed by videos shared directly in the feed.

The least popular video format to watch on Instagram is Instagram scroll with IGTV, Only 19% and 13% of respondents watched them.

To see the results, see the image below.

Instagram video format.

data source

Now that we know which video format users like to watch, let’s take a look at how to post the best video content on Instagram.

This is posted on Instagram feed. It looks similar to the screenshot below.

Instagram feed video.

For Instagram Snapshot, the video should be 1080 x 1080 pixels and the aspect ratio should be 9:16. The maximum file size should be 250MB.

It looks like this screenshot:

Instagram story video

Although these are the main types of videos uploaded to Instagram, you can Instagram website.

Although all these statistics are important, but one of the ways to maintain this state File size reduction Is to shorten the video. You can’t just upload 24 hours of video content on the platform. Now you may want to know, “How long can I keep my Instagram videos?” Let’s dive into it below.

How long can I save Instagram videos?

  • Instagram feed – 60 seconds
  • Story – 15 seconds
  • Live video – 60 minutes
  • IGTV-15 seconds-10 minutes. A verified account can post up to 60 minutes of video on IGTV.
  • Instagram dynamic ads-2 minutes
  • Instagram carousel video ad-60 seconds

Instagram videos are a great way to reach Gen Z or millennial audiences. However, it is important to consider the type of video content that performs best on the platform. In addition, knowing the correct size and video specifications before shooting a video can help you achieve success faster.

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