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The market is a listening device


This is the most flexible and sophisticated technology we can use to figure out what people want.

When individuals have the freedom to choose, they often do so.

While the market supports choice, large-scale industrial capitalism has worked overtime to eliminate it. The main job of most CEOs of large companies is to figure out how to lock in customers, because customers who do not choose will stay longer and pay more.

Some organizations exist to meet market needs.

Some people strive to create market demand.

Some focus on capturing demand and then eliminating the market itself.

The Internet has brought changes in two directions. When it comes to how to spend/waste our time, we have more choices, but we also have to deal with the natural monopoly caused by network effects and hidden levers that push lock-in.

If we do not remain vigilant, the many choice-driven markets we rely on will disappear.


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