The profound impact of the Speed ​​and Furious series on car culture


Maybe you love Fast & Furious Mobile, or you may never forgive them for mentioning “MoTeC exhaust”-but either way, it is impossible to deny the influence of movies on society and car culture.There are 10 movies, including this year’s Fast 9, Fast & Furious It is one of the most successful franchises in Hollywood history. Twenty years have passed since Brian O’Conner entered Toretto’s Market and Café looking for shellless white tuna, and the automotive world has never been exactly the same.

Car trend Feature editor Scott Evans clearly remembers the impact of 2001 Fast & Furious“There is a buzz everywhere. Even in my California town, everyone has heard of this new street racing movie. I went to the theater and couldn’t believe my eyes—I’ve never been in a I have seen so many modified imported movies [as were in the parking lot]The line to enter the theater is 10 times longer than usual. “

Craig Lieberman YouTube channel It is a treasure trove of behind-the-scenes information and served as a technical consultant for the first two films. “Due to the influence of the movie, many people have become car fans,” he said today. “I hear on social media every day:’This movie got me in the car.'”

“It’s hard to overstate the importance of franchise rights,” agreed Andrew Comrie-Picard, a racer and stunt driver who participated in the 2019 spin-off. The gift of speed and passion: Hobbes and Shaw. “It’s in there American graffiti As one of the most important car culture films in history. “For the first film, “They have the wisdom to ask the early modified car influencer RJ de Vera to consult and play the role of a racer in the video game street. This means that cars and content are legal, such as 2JZ Supra and F-150 Lightning, and even VR6 Jetta, which was the same thing at the time. “

Song Kang is an actor who plays Han, starting from the third part, Fast and Furious: Tokyo DriftAnd became a car enthusiast mainly because he participated in this movie. “I think this is the first car movie that truly represents the community,” he said. “Usually there are very unique American cars in most American movies, but Fast & Furious Featured JDM [Japanese Domestic Market vehicles]. It’s really cool to combine the love of American hardcore and JDM. “

With its impact on the automotive community, the initial Fast & Furious Movies have had a huge impact on the aftermarket. “I went back to the companies that provided us with movie parts,” Lieberman recalled. “Companies like Sparco, GReddy, and Nitrous Oxide Systems all reported that their sales increased. Not hundreds. Percentage points, but more than 1,000 percentage points.”

When the company was asked to participate, Bill Tichenor worked at NOS. “They asked for a lot of NOS, so this is a gamble,” he said. “The weekend when the movie went off the air, sales went crazy, and it stayed for a long time. It even changed its name-people started calling it ‘NASA’ It’s like in the movie instead of “NOS” as we call it. [The movie] It did bring the sports compact car from the subculture into the mainstream, and eventually created many new drivers and girls who are still using cars today. “

The impact on automakers is more subtle. “The entire movement of modifying the Civic was completely nurtured by the kids who were doing it themselves,” recalled Kurt Antonis, Honda and Acura’s public relations director. F&F The movie is out. “The Civic is a bit like a used car built by parents. Suddenly there is this kind of movement, this kind of interest in modified cars. Parts suppliers are beginning to grow from wood products.

“some [Honda’s] Japanese and American executives start to go to SEMA [the Specialty Equipment Market Association trade show] And went on to say, “Holy Christmas, look at this!” There was a Civic in everyone’s display. Whether it’s selling audio systems or aftermarket pipes or floor mats, they have transformed the Civic. This is really overwhelming. Surprisingly, this is an organic movement initiated by the children themselves. This is not the result of Honda selling anything or lowering parts prices. It just grows on its own, which is the beauty of the whole movement. “

Tanner Foust, race car driver, TV presenter and stunt driver Tokyo drift, Recalled his early impressions of this film. He said: “I saw how they brought nitric oxide bombs to life for the first time,” he said. “Through the injection process, the combustion chamber, the exhaust pipe, and the car with blue flames from the pipe, I Say,’This is one of the coolest things in history. “I have never seen such a sense of acceleration on a screen. Although I am not a street racer myself, I really like what these movies do for the aftermarket and the world of car enthusiasts. “

When the studio invited Foster and drifting partner Lis Mirren as stunt drivers Tokyo drift“It’s a lot of pressure to make drift look good on the screen. I’m not a fan of all the CGIs in the second film. Reese and myself went to convince [the producers] We need to be as realistic as possible and minimize cartoon factors.

“I spent a few hours persuading the person in charge of CGI that we should try [the stunts] Really, just like the moment in the parking lot, 350Z appeared and the rear wing scratched the garage wall. We added three or four scenes they planned to make with CGI in the movie. When they asked us to try to really do this, we always thought it was a victory, not just plug in a laptop and implement it in the CGI world. “

Actor Kang recalled his astonishment at the drift driver’s technique. “There was a scene where they were drifting on the parking ramp. I remember I asked,’Can you really do this? How are you going to get to that corner?” Reese put a quarter on the ground and said, “Look This one. I would hit it with my rear passenger side tire. “Bang, he hit.” At that time I realized that these people are professional athletes. This is so exciting. “

In terms of film’s impact on drift, Foster said, “In Tokyo drift, Whenever someone asks me what kind of competition I have participated in, I must educate them about drifting. People think it’s just a gangster doing smoke burnout.Rear Tokyo drift, Has become a household word. I still need to explain what the sport is about and the judging factors, but people know its definition and connect it to its roots in Japan. It is amazing that a film can educate a generation so comprehensively. We have attracted more competitive drifters to join the sport. This movie does not beautify the drifting too much, but shows its difficulty and the required skills. “

Likewise, Foster remembers that drift has an impact on Hollywood’s stunt driving. “In a scene where the car shuttles in traffic, they may have 25 other stunt drivers in other cars. [Millen and I] I drifted between them all the time, and at night, the guys said,’What the hell is this drifting thing? This is great! After the movie, some celebrities in the stunt world bought drift cars and practiced at Buttonwillow. “

The emphasis on real car action is still part of the series. Comrie-Picard talks about his working hours Hobbes and Shaw, “Director David Leitch (David Leitch) is a faithful believer in authenticity. If it can be physically carried out in a car, we will always do it.” He described a scene in which an Apache helicopter was flying Flying between two cars is one of the most intense scenes of his career. “The helicopter will pounce, then turn off suddenly, putting the tail between me and the car in front of me, below my roofline. When a military helicopter joins your car chase, it shouldn’t be suffocated.”

Some people regret that later movies turned to the heist genre, but Evans believes that even the first movie is “a heist movie loosely connected with street racing and modding scenes. The car is there to advance the plot, but never in What makes these movies so influential is the attraction of some unknown ordinary people from East Los Angeles, who have become the world’s largest action heroes.

Evans said: “We all joked about the 17-speed transmission, the high-speed falling of the floor, and the’manifold hazard’ by turning off the laptop.” “But although we like to tear up the first movie because of what went wrong with it, But we all watched it. We all quoted it. We all talked about it. It stuck. Twenty years later, you can throw away one Fast & Furious If quoted at the auto show, five more will be thrown back to you. “


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