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Does any aspect of your work scare you?

For content creators, sometimes the most stressful part of this role may be opening a completely blank document to start a new project.

Whether writing a blog post, designing an infographic, or creating an e-book, writing new content from scratch can be a challenge—especially if you have never done this before.

At HubSpot, we want to help you complete all the challenging and interesting parts of your work with less stress.Rather than trying to master how to create existing types of content, it is better to reduce stress and inefficiency and get inspiration from the content we collect Nearly 400 free, customizable content creation templates.

We have broken down this list by each type of content marketing template represented. If you specifically want:

Content management and calendar templates

Content planning/goal setting template

(Download the content plan template here.)

HubSpot and Intelligent insight Create content planning templates to help you develop effective content marketing plans for your business or customers. These templates will help you complete the SWOT analysis of your content marketing work (and develop an improvement plan), define the correct goals and KPIs for the plan, brainstorm content ideas and map them to your channels, and set a time for your plan Table content plan.

Content planning and goal setting templates from HubSpot

Content mapping template

(Download the content mapping template here)

You know you need one Content marketing strategy In place to support the success of your inbound marketing and sales organization. But how do you start? We created a content mapping template so that you can experience the purchase journey of your target audience. This template can help you identify the role of the buyer, their challenges and needs, and provide brainstorming content for solutions. You will have a large number of targeted blog post ideas to attract your audience to your website and convert them into potential customers.

Content mapping template from HubSpot

Buyer role template

(Download the buyer role content template here.)

Use buyer personas for marketing Means smarter marketingThis buyer persona template will help you easily organize your research to create your own buyer persona. Use it to create beautiful, well-formed buyer personas that you can share with the entire company while learning the best practices of role research.

Content marketing buyer role template from HubSpot

Blog Editorial Calendar Template

(Download the blog editorial calendar template here.)

When you plan your content release schedule, creating an editorial calendar for your marketing content will save you a lot of time-not to mention sane. We realize that there is no one-size-fits-all solution, so we created three editorial calendar templates for you to use in your free time: one for Google Calendar, one for Excel, and one for Google Sheets. (Read this blog post A step-by-step guide to using Google Calendar templates. )

Content marketing blog editorial calendar template from HubSpot

Social media content calendar template

(Download the social media content calendar template here.)

With so many different social networks to manage, when social media managers can plan what to share on each account and when to share, their lives become easier. This easy-to-use Microsoft Excel social media content calendar allows you to organize social media events in advance. Use it to plan your updates and learn how to properly format your content for the six most popular social networks: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

Content marketing social media content calendar template from HubSpot

Page SEO template

(Download the page SEO template here.)

The more content you post to your website, the more traffic sources you want to prioritize. One of these sources is organic traffic. In order to make on-page search engine optimization easier, we have introduced a convenient planning template to help you create a website structure to organize each web page, what is its purpose, how long it should take, and how to optimize related to each new web page Metadata on the page you publish.

Content marketing page seo template from HubSpot

Written and editorial content templates

6 blog post templates

(Download the blog post template here.)

This is the blog thing: there is no simple template that you can fill out to generate high-quality content products. You need to spend some time researching, brainstorming headlines, outlining core content, etc. Our template will guide you through the key steps of creating the following six types of blog posts:

  • How to publish
  • List-based posts
  • Upright
  • Infographic post
  • News hijacking post
  • what is?postal

We have seen these formats smash them on our blog, and we know you can use them to achieve your goals.

6 content marketing blog post templates from HubSpot

18 ebook templates

(Download the ebook template here.)

Year by year, Marketers cite potential customers As one of their primary content marketing goals this year. If you want to be successful with potential customers, then you need content offers (e.g. e-books) to help you achieve your goals. Our in-house creative design team set out to build 18 beautiful e-book templates—available for InDesign, PowerPoint, or Google Slides—for you to download, customize, and publish.

Content marketing ebook template from HubSpot

4 free memo templates

(Download the memo template here.)

Memorandums are essential for effective internal communication. Although they may not be customer-oriented, they can align your team to ensure that everyone on the team can create better, more consistent content.

4 free content marketing memo templates from HubSpot

28 call-to-action templates

(Download the call to action template here.)

To help you design clickable calls to action, we have built 28 pre-designed CTAs for you. These CTAs are very easy to customize, so you don’t need to know any fancy design procedures—just PowerPoint or Google Slides.

Bonus: There is also a handy free tool out there that allows you to track the number of CTA clicks in real time so you can see the exact number of clicks your design is attracting.

Content marketing call-to-action CTA template from HubSpot

Newsletter template

(Download the press release template here.)

Although public relations has adapted to be cuter and less spam, if used properly, press releases can be very effective. Our press release template takes this into account and provides an inbound optimized version. This means that the template can help you script your press release and share it on your company blog in an optimized format. You can easily adjust and customize it according to your public relations needs.

Content marketing newsletter template from HubSpot

Design content templates

12 Pinterest business templates

(Download the Pinterest template here.)

With more than 478 million monthly active users, Pinterest continues to bring great value to the enterprise. Whether you are bringing potential customers to your website, sharing infographic content, or promoting blog posts, Pinterest is a great platform for leveraging content marketing. Download these 12 Pinterest business templates, you can customize these templates according to your own products or services.

150+ content creation templates

(Download the visual marketing template here.)

Not a designer? not a problem. We have created more than 150 easy-to-use visual marketing templates suitable for any industry (finance, dentistry, agriculture, law-we all have), and they are completely free. The template includes…

  • Infographic template
  • Facebook ad template
  • Facebook post template
  • Twitter post template
  • Email header template
  • Blog title template
  • Facebook cover photo template
  • Twitter header template
  • LinkedIn Cover Photo Template

150+ content creation templates from HubSpot

15 infographic templates

(Download the infographic template here.)

Skip the frustration and start creating graphics immediately. We have created several pre-designed infographic templates, which you can customize in PowerPoint or Adobe Illustrator. In each template, you will get a guide on how to use the template effectively.

15 content marketing infographic templates from HubSpot

Social media content templates

50 social media graphic templates

(Download the social media graphic template here.)

people Remember visual information more than 6 times Than written or audio. But we know that creating visual content requires more time and resources-that’s why we created these 50 customizable templates for you. These templates are in Google Slides, so they are very easy to edit — no Photoshop skills are required. Just customize the text on the image, save it and post it to social media.

50 social media graphic templates for content marketing from HubSpot

11 Facebook cover photo templates for businesses

(Download the Facebook cover photo template here.)

Because companies now make changes and improvements on Facebook pages so frequently, you must prepare new materials. Use these 11 templates dedicated to your Facebook cover photo and work harder on your Facebook design. Get these designs by clicking the link above or the graphic below.

11 Facebook content marketing business cover templates from HubSpot

Email content template

15 marketing and sales email templates

(Download marketing and sales email templates here.)

If you are like most marketers, you may spend more time reading and responding to emails than you are willing to admit.There are many ways Simplify your inbox To save time, you still need to create and send emails in the end. This is where these content templates come in. We have compiled copies of 15 emails that marketers and sales representatives may send over and over again to save you time and get results.

15 marketing and sales email templates from HubSpot

Email marketing plan template

(Download the email marketing plan template here.)

Use this free template to set goals for your email marketing plan. This template is available through Excel and Google Sheets and can help your marketing team plan effective email marketing campaigns.

Content marketing email marketing plan template from HubSpot

Video content template

10 YouTube business templates for banners and thumbnails

(Download the YouTube business template here.)

Depending on your role as the content creator, you may also be responsible for the video content. Eye-catching thumbnails and banners are several factors that viewers rely on in deciding which videos to watch. However, you don’t need to spend hours creating the perfect channel art for each video. These 10 YouTube video content templates make this task easy, so you can focus on more important things, such as shooting, editing, and promoting your video.

10 YouTube content marketing business templates from HubSpot

Content marketing made simple

Content marketers are experts in storytelling, but designing visual guidelines and modifying Excel spreadsheets may not be your favorite part of the job. With the hundreds of templates included in this blog post, you can spend more of your precious time doing the work you love.

So, this is it for content marketers: nearly 400 templates can help you start creating content quickly and easily and achieve further inbound success.

Editor’s note: This article was originally published in December 2020 and has been updated to be comprehensive.

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