The white motorcycle concept aims to create an electric land speed record


Rob White, CEO of White Motorcycle Concepts, plans to break electric land speed records on bicycles manufactured in-house. The all-electric WMC250EV can theoretically exceed 250 mph (as the name suggests) and will lay the foundation for a series of road scooters and bicycles that White plans to mass produce. Currently? This is to prove that the technology is effective. For this reason, WMC’s goal is to ban Voxan Wattman, which currently holds the world’s land speed record for electric vehicles. motorcycle The speed is 254 miles per hour.

WMC said that there are three tricks on the sleeve of this bike, but the most prominent is its aerodynamic straight-through design, which passes air directly through the bike instead of just around the bike. The company said that this design improves the aeronautical performance of the WMC250EV by 70% compared to the market leader. WMC stated that this design also allows the use of regenerative brake On the front axle, it helps regain some of the consumed energy.

WMC250EV adopts a full carbon fiber body structure on a billet aluminum chassis and is powered by four Hacker synchronous motors (two fronts; two rears), with a total power of 100 kW, or approximately 135 horsepower.The suspension uses Multimatic’s DSSV shock absorber technology, which is the same as some high-performance road cars and relatively unremarkable (but still very good) Chevrolet colorado zr2 Pick up. 15kWh battery Provide juice.

“If you want to prove to the rest of the world that you just invented a new aerodynamic concept, which means you can run faster at a given power, the best way is to be as fast as possible,” White said. “That’s why we created the WMC250EV high-speed demonstration machine. This is the most radical version of this concept to challenge the world’s land speed record. It is electric because it is an excellent zero Emissions The current power source, but due to the efficiency advantage provided by the aerodynamic concept, it can easily hydrogen Or any other future power supply. “

“These records are all champagne, but they are actually a trivial part of the story,” White said. “Although this technology allows you to go faster, it can also allow you to go further with the same energy. This has direct and tangible benefits for reducing carbon dioxide. Market disruptive ideas like this are not common. If it succeeds, it will completely change the potential of the industry.”

Look for the first record attempt of the WMC250EV later this year.


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