Will Deshaun Watson participate in Week 1? Tyrod Taylor named the Texans’ starting QB the Jaguars


Deshaun Watson will appear on the Texans roster, but he will most likely not participate in Sunday’s game.

Houston coach David Carley announced on Monday that Tyrod Taylor will start quarterback in the first week of the game against the Jaguars, which means that the Texans still do not have Watson. Watson is currently listed as the third quarterback on Houston’s depth map.

“Tyrod Taylor will definitely start the quarterback for us,” Cali said, without mentioning Watson’s state in the game.

This news is not surprising, because after nearly two allegations of sexual harassment during the offseason, Watson is still under investigation by the police and the NFL. Since the NFL was awaiting the results of the criminal investigation before the interview with Watson, he was not included on the suspension or commissioner’s exemption list.

Taylor, the veteran starting starter with Watson still missing, played for his fourth team in five years, ranking ahead of Davis Mills on the depth chart. This is his first year in Houston after losing his job due to injury and Justin Herbert in the Chargers in 2020.

Will Deshaun Watson participate in Week 1?

Texans head coach David Carley announced on September 6 that Tyrod Taylor will start in the QB game against the Jaguars on Sunday. Deshaun Watson is still on the roster, but he is unlikely to play. However, Cali did not formally rule that Watson was inactive in the game.

Behind Taylor is third-round rookie Davis Mills, who may see action sometime this season. If Watson is not active, Mills will become Taylor’s substitute in the first week.

Watson is currently involved in a civil lawsuit surrounding allegations of sexual assault and is under investigation by the NFL, but was not included in the commissioner’s list of exemptions during the league’s handling of the case. Until the NFL makes a decision on his status, the Texans may keep Watson inactive.

Earlier in 2021, Watson vowed to stop playing for Houston and asked for a deal. According to reports, several suitors, including the Dolphins, participated in the deal.


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